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The CG Thesis

Businesses should fix problems, not amplify them. We use conscious capitalism to address grave problems that affect all of us. We believe that businesses can create stronger environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
And that they can also be very profitable.

Environmental Sustainability

Conduct business in a way that protects and regenerates environments around the world.

Social Sustainability

Create business in a way that protects people, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Economic Sustainability

Build business in a way that profits its workers and prepares them to manage money well.

Big Challenges.
Huge vision.

Do you believe in what we believe? Explore some ways to get involved.

Become A Conscious Customer

Buying from a CG business is an incredibly impactful way to do your part. But remember…we’re not running a charity. We want to earn your business. 

Become A CG Champion

CG companies grow primarily through word of mouth. We have designed ways to thank and reward people who champion our companies. Because when you champion CG, you champion sustainability.

Become A Volunteer

Every CG company offers volunteer opportunities designed to engage you in the work. There are opportunities for people of all abilities, skillsets, areas of expertise, locations, and availability. 

Work For A CG Company

We’re always open to good-hearted, ambitious, disciplined people to work with. Whether you’re looking for a career or gig work, check out what we’re searching for. 

Contribute Content

Do you love bringing creative concepts to life? We’re always open to hearing from creatives of any type who want to create for a CG company. If you’d like to write articles, paint a mural, choreograph an interpretive dance, or produce a documentary, let us know. Ideas of all size are welcomed with arms open wide.

Become A Donor Or Investor

If you’re compelled to donate, pledge, or tithe, then you can do so. We’d be humbled.

If you’re interested in true investment opportunities, then we’d be happy to learn more about you and share what we’ve got available.

A Tale Of Two Founders.

Jean: “Hey Jay, I have a scary question.”

Jay: “Gulp.”

Jean: “What if we didn’t just make videos anymore? What if we start building something more impactful?”

And that’s the story of how CreatorsGroup evolved from a video production company to what it is today.

Meet The BusinesseS

From training dogs to benefit those living with PTSD, to a media company developing creative talent with currently and formerly incarcerated people, CG Companies build sustainability into its core model.

“You don’t change the world with the ideas in your mind, but with the conviction in your heart.”

— Bryan Stevenson

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